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I Am An Island

Posted in Podcasts on April 17th, 2013

"And a rock can feel no pain. And an island never cries" Unless it has no scotch on it then, I suspect, it might cry because that would be a tragedy. The Isle of Arran and the Isle of Mull, thankfully, are NOT islands without scotch. This time around we take a look at two of the scotches from those islands, The Arran 14 year and Tobermory 15 year.

Tobermory Box

As of this show release we are, regrettably, shutting down The Scotchcast forum. We were forced to make this decision due to an ongoing spam attack against the forum software that we feel is effecting the reliability and usability of the rest of website. Many other sites using this, and other, forum software packages are experiencing similar issues.

We would like to thank those of you who have taken the time to use the forum and engage with us and other listeners of the show. If you are a Facebook or Twitter user, we encourage you to join us on those services. Links to our Facebook page and Twitter account can be found on the main page.

Join us next time when we'll be tasting the Blair Athol 14 year and Glen Esk 17 year.


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