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The 8-Ball

Put your quarter on the rail, rack 'em up, and join The Scotchcast for a round of 8-Ball. This time though we won't be using cues we'll be using our glasses for a tasting of two 8 year olds, the Glen Garioch 8 year and Old Pulteney 8 year G&M.

Join us next time when we'll be tasting the Drumguish and the Deanston 12 year.



Glen Garioch -

Old Pulteney -

Tasting Notes

Glen Garioch

The Complete Guide To Single Malt Scotch

Whisky Magazine Issue #12

Old Pulteney

The Complete Guide To Single Malt Scotch

Whisky Magazine Issue #37


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2 Responses to “The 8-Ball”

  1. Kris Shoemaker Says:

    Hey guys,

    Was listening to your recent podcast on Glen Garioch (Glen Gear-ee) and noticed you where puzzled when the pros refered to the peat/smoke profile which you found none of. The distillery changed their style shortly before the turn of the millenium to unpeated malt. Here is a short passage from “Whiskey Classified by David Wishart” published in 2006 on Glen Garioch:

    “Until 1997 the distillery operated its own floor maltings with peat cut locally from Pitsligo moss. The present malt is, therefor fairly heavily peated, but they should be much less peaty in future editions, as malted barely is now supplied un-peated to order.”

    Seems like the supplies of old peated spirit is now gone and we are onto the new un-peated stuff. Also, they changed their packaging to a shorter stubby bottle and rebranded along with the character change. I hope this helps. Keep up the great podcasts, as it makes for an excellent companion on my long commute.


  2. Jeff Says:


    Thanks so much for the info! That would certainly explain the difference in what we experienced. And thanks for the pronunciation help too 🙂 We try to get as close as we can but it’s always good to get a nudge in a closer direction.

    Take car and thanks for listening!