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Northern Lights

Posted in Podcasts on December 1st, 2008

In Scotland, the northern lights were known as "the mirrie dancers" or na fir-chlis. There are many old sayings about them, including the Scottish Gaelic proverb "When the mirrie dancers play, they are like to slay." The playfulness of the mirrie dancers was supposed to end occasionally in quite a serious fight. The appearance of the northern lights in the sky was considered a sign of the approach of unsettled weather. ~ from Wikipedia

It's appropriate then, as the weather in the Midwestern United States turns blustery, that we settle in with this month's "Northern Lights", the Old Pulteney 17 year, and Balblair 16 year.

We have a special product review of "Ola Dubh" beer from Harviestoun Brewery, another thank you to say, and a new Scotchcast website resource to announce as well.

Next time we'll be tasting the An Cnoc 12 year and the Knockando 1994 12 year.

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