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The Scotchcast Special Edition #002

During Dragon*Con 2008 we were lucky enough to be joined by several special guests for a "not scotch" scotch tasting of the Milford and Suntory Yamazaki. Great fun was had by all, especially us, as we tried not to go too fanboy over the guests we had with us. Much more was recorded than what we were able to include in this special episode so we may have an opportunity to post more of the fun in the future. For now though, we hope you enjoy this special "not scotch" episode of The Scotchcast, and don't forget to join us in November for The People's Choice show.




Suntory Yamazaki

Tasting Notes

Milford 10 year

Whisky Magazine #24

Whisky Magazine #49

Suntory Yamazaki 12 year

Whisky Magazine #56

Whisky Magazine #64


Tee Morris

Phillipa Ballantine



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