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I Remember Joe: A 2008 Tribute

Posted in Podcasts on March 31st, 2008

A year ago today Joe Murphy lost his fight with Leiomyosarcoma, and the world lost an awesome person. Whether you knew Joe personally or only by his voice in your headphones, it's likely that he touched your life in some way. I know he did ours.

Please visit The Joe Murphy Memorial Fund for more information, and "tell everyone you know".

We miss you Joe, and we will never forget.


New Voicemail Number

Posted in Announcements on March 3rd, 2008

Hi all! We wanted to let you know that we have a new voicemail number.

When we got home from ConVocation, where the last show was recorded, we found that we had an issue with the voicemail number. You can call it and leave a message, but we'll never know about it, and we can't log in to get the messages either! So rather than go through the hoops to figure it out, we went with another provider, GrandCentral. They provide tons more usability and hugely better audio quality.

So give it a try! The new number is 517-879-4629 and if you click the "call me!" button on, GrandCentral will even call your phone and connect you to our voicemail for FREE!

We look forward to hearing from you all soon!

St. Paddy’s Special

Posted in Podcasts on March 1st, 2008

The Scotchcast is turning green! No, it's not because we've had too much. It's because it's March and that means it's time for The St. Paddy's Day Special, recorded with a live audience at "ConVocation". Put on your own green, head across the border, and join us for a tasting of The Knappogue Castle 1992, and The Bushmills 16 year Irish single malts. In a quick Scotch 101 we'll be explaining the difference between Irish and Scottish single malts, and we'll have some listener feedback as well.

Next month we'll get back to normal... we'll our normal anyway, with a tasting of The Highland Park 12 year, and The Scapa 14 year. Until then, enjoy St. Paddy's Day, stay safe, and enjoy some photos from the recording session.

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