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The Scotchcast Special Edition #001

Welcome to a surprise, mid-month, special edition of The Scotchcast!

After recording this month's regular show "someone" decided it would be a good idea to go just a little bit further. So, out came The Glenmorangie 100 Degree Proof! The third cask strength of the night. This is the result!

After listening to us attempt to keep making any sense at all, enjoy the next installment of Single Malt Samurai!

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One Response to “The Scotchcast Special Edition #001”

  1. Anna O'Connell Says:

    Hi guys – I have some Midleton Very Rare Irish (and also ended up with a bottle of Jameson Gold) to share with you at ConVocation, but I won’t have a room, and may not be able to spend much time at the con, because of Doug (my husband’s) travel schedule over this weekend.

    So, do you know if you’re doing the tasting on Friday or Saturday night? Would somebody be willing to phone me or e-mail me to let me know?

    And I had a lot of fun with you all at ConFusion and would enjoy doing it again with Irish (which I tend to like better…)