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Islay Malts Pt. 1

Journey with us to the sea for two Islay scotches, the Bunnahabhain 12 year and the Bowmore Legend. We will also be looking at glassware during Scotch 101 and hearing some listener feedback as well. Oh, and there is a surprise, too...

In Show #4, we will be sampling the Speyburn 10 year and the Glenfiddich Special Reserve.

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Tasting Notes

Bunnahabhain 12 year:

Whisky Magazine #6

Michael Jackson - Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch

Bowmore Legend:

Scotland: Whisky and Distilleries

Michael Jackson - Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch

Scotch 101

Riedel Glass

#1 : #2 : #3

Glencairn Glass

#1 : #2 : #3

Riedel-Glencairn Hybrid Glass


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6 Responses to “Islay Malts Pt. 1”

  1. Cadbun Says:

    Ah guys…another fun Scotchcast…almost makes me want to take trying this stuff seriously…almost…

    Ok Chip–the only thing I can say about the school section…Bueller….Bueller… Holy cow. Tape it AFTER you have had a few darling and I think you’ll be spot on.

    Band aids and ashes? I think you guys need to keep Chris on. If I’m drinking band aids, I’m sure as heck going to give a lower score than a 6. Thank you Chris, for not being afraid to disagree with the rest of them.

    Pecan pie? Chip…I’ve never even seen you eat the stuff. Really??

    Jeff dear–we really need to teach you how to spit properly when pronouncing Scottish names. I promise to give you some private lessons at Con…

    Good job guys! Enjoyable as always!

  2. Chris Gray Says:

    [Tried to send feedback through the “send feedback” link, but it just gave me this as an address: “//” and would not send.]

    I just istened to my first show (your 3rd), and I’ll be a listener as long as I have something in front of me to taste.

    I enjoyed looking at your “Scotch Scores Archive,” and have a suggestion: as your archive gets bigger, readers will skim through your scores looking for the “best” tasting/scoring whiskies, and it would be helpful to list the approx. USD for each scotch on the same page. That way, people that haven’t tasted two or more similar scoring scotches could have another factor by which to make purchasing decisions right in front of them.

    Anyway, enjoyed the show! Looking forward to the next one.


    Chris Gray
    Louisville, CO

  3. Chris Gray Says:

    (an edit button to change “istened” to “listened” would also be nice!)

  4. Chip Says:


    It is good to hear from you. We love it when people post comments. We will look into the Feedback address and get that fixed.

    As far as the edit button is concerned, I’m not sure how much control we have over the comments application. If there is a way we can do it, we will. I’d love to see that also.

    I agree, putting the approximate prices on the scores list would be a good thing. We’ll work on that. I think we can probably get that done close to the time of the next show release.

    As for Show #4, we should be recording tonight, so expect to see it hit the feed early next week.

    Thanks for listening!!

    – Chip –

  5. steve Says:

    hi guys; great show!

    regarding glasses- i’m a new scotch drinker (so far laphroaig is my fave), so take this as coming from a beginner who hasn’t tried any of the glasses you recommend here, but i really like the Riedel “O” series Cabernet, a stemless wineglass. lets the malt breathe, but holds in the vapors, and allows for hand-warming as well!

    look forward to the laphroaig 10-yr show!


  6. Chip Says:


    Hey, if the glass you have is working well for you, great! The segment was primarily aimed at informing people about glasses and that the characteristics of the glass can change what you smell and taste when drinking scotch. The same is true for wine and beer, too.

    If you like Laphroaig, you can consider yourself one of the few, the proud. From seeing the reaction of some people at a couple of scotch tastings, it is not for everyone. Personally, I don’t hate it, but it isn’t what I’d call a favorite, either. It holds a unique place in the world of scotch, an acquired taste…for scotch drinkers.

    The current schedule has us tasting Laphroaig for the July 2008 show, though we have changed the schedule previously, so it may happen sooner.

    Thanks for listening to the show & leaving your comments!

    – Chip –