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The Scotchcast Introduction Show!

It's finally time! The release of the very first Scotchcast with Jeff, Chip, and Michael. In Show #0 you'll learn who we are, what we are all about, what we are planning, and how to tell us what you think about the whole thing!

Our first "full" show will be coming out soon, featuring a tasting of Oban 14 year and Clynelish 14 year, and much more fun and exitement!

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6 Responses to “The Scotchcast Introduction Show!”

  1. Amy Brancheau Says:

    you sound weird…LOL just kidding

  2. Jeff Says:

    Hehe, well, we ARE a weird bunch so that’s totally appropriate I suppose 😛

  3. Elly Says:

    Jeffybutt, will you make a show about tequila next? I am an authority on it!!! I don’t know anything about Scotch, strangely, although it is the drink of my ancestors. Is it like clothing, the more expensive the better?

  4. Jeff Says:

    Hey ya never know! But that doesn’t mean we wont convince you to be on THIS show sometime! Non-connoisseur reactions would be interesting I think!

  5. Cadbun Says:

    Did you just actually use the word “Widget?”

    Chip didn’t sound like himself. At all. But it all sounded pretty good!

    Someone is working on the non-cheesy music, right? I feel like I’m at a MRF madrigal dinner!

  6. Jeff Says:

    Hey! Be nice… I did the best I could on short notice. Got something better? Feel free to submit it 😛